Exclusive Techniques for Packing Suits

Newer techniques have been developed to pack up and ferry goods during a travel and exclusive garment bags are also being ousted and newer range of carry-on is largely used. Hence, efficient management of limited packaging space is truly a skill which needs to be learned as by the virtue of such techniques, not only the expensive men business suits are preserved but precious time is saved as well. Above all, if the person is on a vital business trip, package and maintenance of exclusive quality suits in a typical suit cases which are meant for it, will proved to be extremely handy and will save a great deal of time. Hence, the tailoring experts or the suit doctors advise the following steps to be initiated orderly while packing a suit but in an efficient and quick manner:

Custom Made Church Suits

  • Firstly, put the suit down on a flat surface, i.e. on the iron table.
  • Secondly, fold the left shoulder to backside,
  • Then, fold the other shoulder (right one) inside out, then place the left shoulder into the right one,
  • After this, turn the half lengthwise and then take a horizontal fold,
  • Fifthly, one is advised to put the folded jackets in the middle of trousers while the latter are put straight,
  • Finally, delicately turn the top and the bottom of the trousers so the trousers could cover the already coats completely.
Custom Made Suits
Custom Made Suits

Apart from this, the noted bespoke tailor of Hong Kong, Kingsley Tailors (Custom Tailor Hong Kong) also advise for such suit packing purpose. They content on using the plastic sheet which comes from the dry cleaning service as it protects the suit from dust and heat. Moreover, folded suits should be placed at the top of the suitcase or baggage and the cover of plastic will deter the suit fabric from rubbing against itself and will prevent the suit from getting crumpled badly. A typical tailor made to measure suit is a hefty investment in terms of quality fabric and towering tailoring excellence and hence such a fine piece of clothing needs to be preserved at all lengths. At this juncture, we call on the style-centered souls to rely upon the fashion guide of Kingsley Tailors for any such useful information pertaining to fabric and suit care and also to know the latest taking place in fashion industry and trends on a global scale.


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