Exclusive Pocket Squares for Enhanced Elegance

Author: Scott Uf ( Source: Tailor Made Suits )

Pocket Squares are simply the tiny piece of clothes but a brand luxury in their own. Such are the mere handkerchiefs which are skillfully folded and placed or decorated in the front chest pocket of men suits. Precisely it is the most exclusive finishing touch that is given to bring out the elegance from the suit. At present, such are the elegant way to ignite truly a bespoke trend.

Suits Pocket Sqaure

Evolution of Pocket Squares

Handkerchiefs of silk had gained an immense momentum during the renaissance period which were finely embroidered too and these were decorated with the sole intent of maintaining an exalted status symbol among other things. Besides, in Great Britain, such were also being treated like consoles during the social get-togethers as ladies could seek them in wiping her cheeks or tears or simply for removing some stains or something. Gradually, by the time the Victorian age appeared, such were used to placed in the man’s rear pocket and as 20th century approached, such pocket squares had found a permanent place in the suit’s check pockets on the front and soon it was regarded as the prominent symbol of gentlemen style and a benchmark of dukes and knight.

Suits Pocket Sqaure

How to fold it

To seek a precise square-edged fold is an easier and delicate way while tailoring guides also accentuate upon other ways, such as the 2 point fold or the winged puff and such latter types offer truly a classic look but for a daytime event or for some ultra casual gathering. In the same context, for seeking a peacock type of persona, simply opt the Dunaway fold and it will cast a feeling as if there is a blooming flower in your pocket. Furthermore, there are present certain vintage styles as well of having the pocket squares as well and it was a trend not to push the pocket squares more than an inch and a half from the front chest pocket but still, if the pocket squares are found to bear some logos or monograms, the last advise can squarely be ignored altogether.

Suits Pocket Sqaure

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