Exclusive Pockets for Enchanting Elegance

Author: Scott UF

Source: Custom Tailor in Hong Kong | Hong Kong Custom Tailor

Standard men’s blazers and even the coats for women carry at least 2 pockets on the outer side and such pockets are designed in such a way the overall elegance of the suit gets an immense fillip. Custom tailored suits have around 2 pockets on them while the bespoke researchers opine that the coat pockets can be any of the following types:

Tailor Made Suits Hong Kong

1). Patch pockets –
Sporty type of pockets are the patch pockets and bespoke tailors generally sew such type of pockets with summer linen suits. Then, scores of other informal patterns can also be come across where such pocket type is seen. As such, a patch pocket is the most unique one and an additional piece of dress material is sewn onto the façade of the coat.

2). Flap pockets: –
Such is the pocket type that is uniquely identified by a strap flap which is generally found to be of similar dress material but it is stitched to provide a cover the top of the pocket. Such pockets are sewn along the seam of the jetting. The end objective is to provide extra protection to the contents of the pockets from wind and dust. But the innovative tailors add such flap pockets in the overall bid to complement style and is intentionally made to hang out so as to procure decent looks altogether for the earnest blazers.

Tailor made Suits hong Kong

3). Jetted pockets –
This has been a supreme innovation of popular tailors in Hong Kong and the most formal pocket type, where flaps are absent and such pockets are provided upon formal wear. The blazers and suits which have such pockets type are therefore used for formal occasions or official get together and public events.
There are still present suits that are stitched with a third pocket which is sewn to look prominent and is also referred to as “ticket pocket”. Bespoke tailors seldom place such type of pockets above the right pocket which is half an inch wide. Earlier centuries witnessed the trend of having such type of pockets where country suits were designed with such types of pockets in order to keep train tickets and passes but in recent times, such ticket pockets can easily be located.

4). Hacking pockets –
Finally, such can be identified with the normal ones and their slant looks are the prominent features. The underlying objective is to enable easy pockets and to make them accessible when a person would ride a horse. As the time elapsed, gradually, such type of hacking pockets have gained immense momentum, not only in the semi urban areas, but in mainland urban centres, too, such hacking pockets are a hit.


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