Trendy Bow Ties Are The Popular Trend

Author: Scott UF

Source: Best Tailor in Hong Kong

Bow ties have gained widespread popular momentum in the arena of modern fashion and style and bow ties are no longer considered to be apt alternative in place of longer ties for kids and even men from movie stars to high profile businessmen wear them to steal astonishing looks. Interestingly, in the year 2008, such exclusive bow ties were rated to be the “Accessory of Season” according to developing fashion trends and such stuff of elegance also found its way in the Trussardi’s 2009 Fall Collection as well. Besides, during the 2004 Oscars awards night, most of the men were seen wearing classic tuxedoes alsongside the enchanting bow ties. According to fashion stalwarts, such a necessary change is because of the perpetual display of classic attires from the sprawling media through their stronger campaigns and then the prolific endorsements are also enormous to this strong fashion accessory.

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Profound TV Impact:

Popular tailors in Hong Kong often suggest that style conscious men from UK, normally long for the styles which the popular TV stars wear. For instance, Chuck Bass the widely regarded character for TV series Gossip Girl which is played by actor Ed Westwick wears elegant bowties and the scores of celebrity participants in the BBC’s “Doctor Who” and “EastEnders” also puts on classic bow ties and the fashion centric youth are simply follow their trails.

Dignitaries Wear Bow Ties Too:
This has been the yet another reason as to why the bow ties have gained so much prominence in the recent years as not only the TV stars but also the dignitaries have been spotted wearing them during the popular events. For instance, star basketball players LeBorn James and Dwight Howard wear it during most of their public events that they attend. Then their coach Phil Jackson follows the similar style pattern as well. Hence, not only during such social gathering, but also during starry concerts and casual events, elegant manly personalities are seen wearing bow ties at length.
Bow ties look fabulous with custom tailored suits and it seems that style conscious society has a profound sentiments towards this specific fashion item

Custom Tailors Hong Kong

Society seems to be warming up to the idea of wearing bow ties. Huffington Post’s survey of the best dressed justice in the US Supreme Court landed John Paul Stevens in the number two slot. Stevens was known for his signature look with a bow tie. Such an exclusive stuff has gained immense fillip in recent years and with the undeclared push from the TV stars and star players, masses are rallying behind such bow ties across the globe and also in the countries which are considerably warmer than the western world.

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