Exclusive Made-To-Measure Suits At Kingsley Tailors

Kingsley Tailors has evolved as the most resounding tailoring house in the whopping fashion industry of the world. This is primarily because of the fact that we are being relied upon by the lovers of fashion and emerging trends and some of our acclaimed tailors are the globally renowned needle-thread craftsmen who simply has the compact talent and appropriate skills to design and develop the suits and custom shirts as per one’s unique measures and style preferences.

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We are pretty versatile tailoring house in whole of asia and we are rightly regarded among the top tailors in Hong Kong. At Kingsley tailors, we have introduced the initiative of letting people to design their own suits and to enable them to be their own brands thereby. In other words, those longing for exclusive bespoke crafts from around the world and those looking for fitting and proper style quotients can easily rely upon our decades old expertise in such regard. In other words, custom made services for custom tailored suits and bespoke shirt and trousers among other items can surely enthrall you after the perfect piece of bespoke suits will be stitched.

At Kingsley tailors, personalized tailoring experience will be ensured at all levels, right from fabric selection, to basted fitting and from coat lapel or shirt collar design to type of buttons to be selected for the sleeves and the overall design of the apparel, everything would be personalized in this case. End requirements of the customers will always be taken care of and the end product will be the most versatile and perfect fit apparel from every consideration.

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Our method of tailoring and the tradition that we adhere to, simply fuses our tips, tricks, tastes, ideas and the prevailing trends and such allow the style conscious customers, the full liberty to experiment while they benefit from the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the acclaimed clothing specialist like us. Nevertheless, every stitch and every single step that is involved in the design and development of the perfect made-to-measure process of suit and shirt development, is considered and widely discussed between the discerning customer and the illustrious tailoring veteran at Kingsley Tailors and the purpose would apparently be to ensure a completely distinct piece enmeshed with an impeccable finish of exclusive tailoring expertise.

Finally, we have also been pretty reasonable on the prices also and for an exclusive made to measure suit, our range starts from $350. For better discussion, please arrange an appointment with any of our supreme tailoring veteran now and surely experience the comfort of a classic made-to-measure suit that would designed and aptly created just for you.

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