Washing Tips For Custom Shirts For Their Lengthy Use

Author: Scott UF

Source: Best Tailor in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong and as in every key location of the world, the custom shirts are procured after a tedious process which comprise of visiting any Recommended Tailors in Hong Kong, giving away the measurement, selecting the fabric, re-visiting the tailoring house for giving it a try and to procure it and then making a hefty payment towards such stitching service and dealings. Consequently, any precisely made-to-measure outfit (as shirts, in this case) are the exclusive piece of master bespoke craft and hence such products need to be specially taken care of, in an enchanting manner at all times.

Made to Measure Tailored Suits

Besides, everyone among us will want to preserve such clothing master-piece as a great deal of time and money are thus involved thereby. According to the fashion experts and clothing gurus, custom shirts should always be subjected to hand wash and should never thus, be sent for getting dry-cleaned. This is mainly because of the fact that rigid chemicals of detergent would hard the inter-linking of the fabrics deeply and the overall attire would soon be tethered to pieces in wake of this. In other words and in regard to clothing, the principle is that more precious they would be, the level of delicacy will be higher than the otherwise. Moreover, the tailors providing Online Bespoke Shirts in Hong Kong also emphasize that users should always give a reading to the instructions labels onto the apparel and should thereby become firm about they could be handled and washed for that matter. A few of the shirt washing steps are as mentioned below:

Firstly, it is always Recommended that shirts (and trousers) should be dusted off properly and then the apparels should be put into a tub of lukewarm water as such water would loosen up the fabric threads which would cast away the deeply rooted dirt therein.

Custom Tailored Suits Online

Secondly, leave the shirt soaked in the tub for about 10 minutes but then pull out the shirt and put the shirt in a bucket of fresh water, which would have the detergent powder and let the custom shirt remain there for some time.

Thirdly, rinse out the shirt in the cold water or under the running water for a few minutes.

Finally, hang it in the sunlight for getting dried and wooden hangers should be used for such purposes. At this point, garment experts do not favour the use of wire hangers since they would further ruin the shape of the shirts massive extent.


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