Kingsley Tailors A Classic Tailoring House of Asia

The hand tailoring skill is a unique pleasure altogether for the passionate bespoke tailors and there are present scores of Famous Tailors in Hong Kong, who are pretty dedicated to the idea and charm of bespoke tailoring techniques. There are present scores of most versatile tailoring houses at this location of the world and one can come across hundreds of bespoke lovers visiting the place while in a pursuit to hunt down the most exceptional bespoke needle-thread skills out there.

Custom Tailors Hong Kong

Most of all, the stitching techniques at any acclaimed Custom Tailoring House in Hong Kong is that they implement the floating canvas technique while designing and developing the Made-to-Measure Suits. In context of floating canvas technique, there is ensured that all suits are hand stitched and with precise handy craft and such a type of exclusive hand stitching techniques are the preferred choices by every aficionado of true bespoke tailoring skills. Kingsley Tailors are pretty proficient in such cases of bespoke development and can design, stitch, alter and adjust almost any type of clothing of any fabric but with utmost precision. Besides, there are formed strong professional tie ups with the leading suppliers and manufacturers of famous fabrics such as Holland and Sherry, Cerrutti, Scabal, Zegna, Loro Paina (from Italy) among many other ones and hence any dress material can easily be secured and can thus be manipulated in terms of truly custom suits and even in terms of custom shirts and made-to-measure trousers. In other words, custom tailored suits, custom shirts, made-to-measure trousers, slacks, and even the bespoke apparel of denim material can easily be secured by such means.

Custom Made Suits
Custom Made Suits

Since 1982, bespoke artists have been relentless in their efforts to provide Kingsley Tailors and since then, there has been no looking back and our needle-thread craftsmen have adored the structures of nearly 35000 structures so far. Extreme sartorial elegance has been our benchmark and our do not compromise on anything lesser than that. We feel elated to proclaim that tailoring art is applied by means of real science at our tailoring boutique in Hong Kong and all of our stitching items are the pieces of luxury within their own ambit. To be more precise professionally, in case of custom shirts our master tailors can carry out upto 12 stitches on a single inch but if fabric allows and then our uniqueness lies in the accomplishment of 330 counts on cotton, Yes, you got it right, our tailors can take care of upto 330 counts on cotton.

Kingsley Custom Tailor Hong Kong

Besides, in terms of coats, our acclaimed craftsmen can craft exceptional blazer designs with a towering comfort and in a unique bespoke way. For instance, we will account for the type of lapel design, number of buttons on coats, type of vents, kind of fabrics and so forth. Hence, custom tailored suits at Kingsley Tailors are the exceptional pieces of supreme tailoring skills which can be developed with the precise needle-thread skills, at our door step. Moreover, our tailoring boutique has become a virtual fashion branch as we have also opened a separate counter for showcasing enchanting fabrics and luxurious dress material. Hence, for any such tailoring needs and fashion consultancy, please rely upon our towering bespoke tailoring skills since we have amassed a great dexterity in such a field.


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