Winterts Asks for a Range of Impeccable Woolen Fabrics

At Kingsley Tailors, our tailoring studio has been essential fashion factory and a trends store where one can secure high class fashion fabrics of world renowned brands such as Holland and Sherry, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Valentino Garavani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Cerrutti among over 3000 fabrics.

There is a dedicated section where a comprehensive selection of elegant dress material is showcased for every desired piece of attire and for every season. As such, bespoke lovers can easily select from finest quality of 100’s, 120’s, 150’s and 180’s Merino wools, silks, cashmeres, English and Italian Fabrics and such classy fabrics are all wool, top quality wool worsted, flannels, fine piece of Scottish tweeds and impeccable Cashmere, exclusive French Gabardines, purest quality silk from Italy and Silk Mohair among scores of many other delicate cum luxurious fabrics.

In winters where some of the locations witness heavier snowfall, luxurious wool is a popular choice for getting the fabrics crafted from. Needless to mention but in case of exclusive fashion, style is crafted out of finest quality of fabrics, and in such regard no other dress material is a parallel luxury to the quality, to the innate style and the comfort than the pure wool worsted fabrics Such has become the natural choice for exclusively stitched custom tailored suits.

In same context, the impeccable lightweight wool can be put on throughout the year and during any climate. For official as well as casual events, pure worsted wool dress material are apt for comfort, value and for enchanting elegance.

Such an item of luxury, i.e. Worsted wool, is widely regarded for its innate texture, exceptional draping qualities and swift breathability. Almost all the Recommended Tailors in Hong Kong regard it to be superlative suiting cloth which is not only versatile but is also useful in exceptional looks. Then, the fabric also embodies inherent strength, wool drapes with a nicely touch and then the breathtaking silhouette turns out to be pretty durable through seasons of wearing.

At Kingsley Tailors, there is selected only exceptional quality clothing which are a product of finest mills scattered around the world and then for our collection, there are procured exclusive colour combinaitons and crafty patterns. Hence, from our classic all-wools collection to luxurious Super 150’s silk-wool blends, the latest grand assemblage has a preferred cloth and enchanting style waiting for you

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