Accomplished Tailoring Skills At Kingsley Tailors

Author: Scott UF

Source: Reasonable Tailors In Hong Kong

We extend full service in regard to stitching and tailoring crafts and we also deal in luxurious fabrics. At Kingsley Tailors, a host of services can be secured such as all round fashion wardrobes planning as per one’s profession, business needs and social relevance. Besides, we also accomplish precise bespoke stitching of tuxedos, Custom Tailored Suits, made to measure sport coats, custom trousers, perfect fit topcoats and precise fit shirts. As such, all of our blazers and suits are designed with supreme canvas interiors and there is accomplished the finest trimmings as well, in every garment.

Made to Measure Tailored Suits

Our customers are guaranteed for exclusive range of apparel at our store at Kowloon city, which is at the heart of Hong Kong. We promise our customers to every level of professional dedication on every piece of clothing. Besides, we inculcate upon bespoke lovers about what to expect and what to look for while securing a custom-made garment and we have always been highly appreciated about the superior workmanship and every little attention is nailed to every smaller detail as well.

Custom Made Tailor Suits

Clients are precisely being measured and perfect fitting is guaranteed by our master tailor and designer Mr. Arif Hussain while prominent fashion stylists Ms. Reena Kalra looks after ladies needs for bespoke clothing. Mr. Arif has a deep passion for lending hands-on with a range of adjustments to suits. We guarantee that our customers would not have to re-visit the place with their fitting problems since our designers and master tailors do not believe in second chance. Likewise, we also carry out accomplished alteration services with precise stitching and insightful measurements to be done.

Famous Tailors In Hong Kong

Finally, all of the measurements and exclusive pattern adjustments are recorded for future orders to be designed and developed. Hence, one can simply call and mention his needs for bespoke clothing and based on the measurement figures, exclusive bespoke products will be crafted out there. Consequently, we are rightly regarded as the most famous tailors in Hong Kong and we are being relied upon by scores of fashion lovers, from all across the world for such purposes.

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