Steps Towards Bespoke Perfection At Hong Kong’s Most Renowned Tailoring House

At Kingsley Tailors, following steps are involved while a perfect fit and accomplished bespoke suit is being designed and developed.

Initially, when customers arrive at our studio, our senior tailors and dress designers discuss at length what exactly the customer is looking for. What exact apparel, such as a custom tailored suit, Made to Measure Shirt, or a pair of bespoke trousers. The discussion is followed by fabric selection whereby the clients are asked to walk across 3500 dress material pieces and all among them are the renowned brands of the world. As such, our renowned tailoring hands will set to design and stitch the most regarded piece of bespoke suit or custom shirt that our customer will even secure.

Made to Measure Tailored Suits

Secondly, extensive measurements will be taken which will involve around 25 to 30 rounds, covering every aspect of your body. During the course of measurements, customers will be asked a range of questions, which would be useful to determine the exact design of your bespoke suits or shirts from precise fit point of view. Later based upon such considerations, appropriate suits and shirts will be crafted and designed.

Then, our senior master tailor will initiate the designing steps of your suits. Every key aspect of suit designing will be taken care of, such as style of lapels, colour of threads that would be used in stitching and so forth. Our designers would advise on loads of design options that would be made available and we will then unify a suit design which would be according to your taste and preferences.

Tailor Made Suits Accessorizes

Fourthly, thereafter, once the fitting and the initial consultation is over, Kingsley Tailor’s renowned designer will apprise master tailor about the raw sketch and board designs of the main bespoke suit or the custom shirt, to be designed and developed. Then, any of our master tailors, with an experience of a decade under their belt, will devote sufficient time of around one day, in earmarking the unique patterns of the bespoke jacket, custom shirts, custom trousers, perfect fit sports coats, or overcoats etc, to be developed. Hence, once the patters are perceived clearly, the stitching portion is underway and the number of aspects to be present onto the suits, would decide the length of labour as well. Normally, these are around 40 to 80 hours in completing the suit to its perfection.

Fifthly, in wake of this step, after nearly 4 weeks of initial consultation and fitting, the bespoke suit, custom shirt or the trousers etc would be ready for second fitting. As such, one of our senior tailor would accomplish scores of fitting aspects in order to carve out the perfect fit apparel in the end.

Finally, this is the long awaited day when all of the bespoke garments are being completed and Kingsley Tailors, which is one of the Popular Tailors In Hong Kong, would ask the customers to give a try on to the suits, shirts, waistcoat etc, and to judge the perfection of the end suit. If anything is wanted to be accomplished, it would be taken care of instantly.